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Sept. 06. 2017

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Hurom Juice Cafes

An introduction to the numerous Hurom Juice Cafes all over Asia and Australia, providing fresh-squeezed

Hurom juice.Hurom Juice Cafes bring customers a taste of delicious and nutritious Hurom juice, proving how

amazing our juicers, and juices, are.

Hurom Juice Cafes

Australia - Warringah                                                                                 Australia - Chatswood

Singapore - Tampline Shopping Mall

Singapore - Tampline Shopping Mall   Thailand - Top Mart                            Malaysia - Melaka                             Vietnam - Hanoi Flagship

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (2)

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (2)                Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (3)                Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (4)                 Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (5)

Malaysia's very first Hurom Juice Cafe was opened in AEON Mall, Melaka. Here, you can find our very own

Hurom juice recipefavorites, such as Berry Young and The Basic. You can also find some recipes exclusively

made for the local taste in Malaysia, like Gentle Red, made with pomegranate, pear, and lemon,

and Green Machine, made with sweet potato leaves, green apple, andlemon. (Trust us, they're delicious.)

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (6)

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (6) Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (7) Vietnam - Da Nang (8)

Hurom Juice Cafes are doing quite well in Vietnam, with 7 locations already open, and the 8th slated to open

in Da Nang, a wellknowntourist city, in October 2017.