Hurom Quick Squeezer

Hurom Quick Squeezer, the most exhilarating taste experience

Refreshing scent, exhilarating taste, natural vitamins...
From material preparation to cleaning, it delivers a healthy taste full of vitality
every day with easy and fast convenience and powerful motor performance.

Vibrant energy recharge for
tired everyday life!
Now fill it up with
fresh vitamin-filled fruits

  • 오렌지 이미지

    A pleasant scent! Orange

    As it is rich in vitamin C, it has
    excellent antioxidant
    activity and is helpful for skin

  • 레몬 이미지

    Refreshing taste just
    thinking about it! lemon

    It is rich in vitamin C and citric
    acid, which helps prevent
    colds and recover from

  • 자몽 이미지

    Bitter sour taste! grapefruit

    Rich in pectin, it lowers
    cholesterol in the body to
    help with diet.

Easy and simple to squeeze!

Juice Quick!
Easy and fast juice

Cut the fruit in half, place it on
the squeegee cone, and press
the handle to automatically
rotate and extract the juice.

Nutrition Absorption
Soft and healthy

The dense juice filter filters out the
fibers to make the juice smooth.

Juice volume
control Quick!

You can pour juice as much as you want by
adjusting the juice outlet to prevent juice
spillage with a single touch.


Hygienic and simple structure
Assembly and cleaning are easy and
simple, and each part is separated and hygienic.

How to juice the quick squeegee

Press the handle until the juice is finished, and when the juice is finished, lower the juice outlet!
If you lift the back of the juice tray, you can put it all in a cup without any remaining juice.

  • 오렌지 반 이미지

    STEP 01

    Cut the fruit in half and prepare.

  • 스퀴저콘에 오렌지 올린 이미지

    STEP 02

    Place the cut fruit in a squeegee cone.

  • 핸들 누르는 이미지

    STEP 03

    Press the handle and you are done!

How to clean the quick squeezer

For the first use, soak baking soda, citric acid, or vinegar in diluted water
for about 30 minutes to sterilize and clean.

  • 스퀴저 분리 이미지

    STEP 01

    Remove the parts
    Squeezer cone-filter-juice tray

  • 스퀴저 세척 이미지

    STEP 02

    Wash under running water with
    a soft scrubber.

Enjoy healthier, more delicious

100% real juice, ade, cocktail, salad dressing, sherbet, and ice cream with a
Hurom quick squeezer.

  • 100% 리얼 착즙 이미지

    100% real juice

  • 과일 에이드 이미지

    Fresh and cool fruit ade

  • 칵테일 이미지

    Fresh and cool fruit ade

  • 셀러드 드레싱 이미지

    Salad dressing to enhance your taste buds.

Hurom Quick Squeezer Components Guide

Main body

Main body
Main bodyMaterial: Stainless steel
You can choose colors from silver, pastel pink, and pastel blue with stainless steel made of luxurious material.


FilterMaterial: SUS304
Filters out the seeds and fiber of the fruit to make a clear juice.

Squeegee cone

Squeegee coneMaterial: SAN(AS)
The fruit is fixed and automatically rotates to juice.

Juice tray

Juice trayMaterial: SAN(AS)
Collect the juiced juice.

* Components may differ depending on the model.


퀵 스퀴저 3종 이미지 CJ-B01FSS / CJ-B01FPB / CJ-B01FPP
You can choose from silver, pastel pink and pastel blue.
The image on the monitor and the actual color may be slightly different.
Make sure to check the product and observe the usage time.
Product model name CJ-B01FSS, CJ-B01FPB, CJ-B01FPP
material Body: Stainless Steel / Squeezer cone, juice tray: SAN(AS) / Filter, juice outlet: SUS304
External dimensions 190 x 240 x 467.5 mm (W*L*H)
Rated voltage/frequency/fuse. 220V, 60Hz, 100W
Rated usage time. Short time rating of 15 seconds or less
Code length 1.2M or more
or more A/C
RPM 90 - 120 rpm
Product weight 2.41KG

* Specifications of this product are subject to change without prior notice for quality improvement.