Compact Sizefor Small Space!
17cm Compact Design for Small Space!
Droplet-Shape Design for Corners!
Upgradesfor Efficient Use in Narrow Space!
Cover Hurom PETIT 2
with Hopper for Sanitary Use!
Compact Size with Upgraded 500ml Capacity
  • PETIT 350ml
  • 150ml UPGRADE
  • PETIT 2 500ml
The World’s First
Slow Squeezing
Technology (SST)
Hurom’s Original Technology For less stress on ingredients

The World’s First SST

(Patent No. 10-0755440)

Adjustable Control Lever to accommodate different ingredients

* Lever Type : For All Types

  • When Washing After Extraction
    Open the lever to wash drum units separated from the body.
  • Green Juice Ingredients
    When extracting multiple cups, move the lever to Half-Open every 400ml.
  • Seed Ingredients
    Move the level to Half-Open when juice starts to come out.

    * In case of general ingredients, move the level to Close to enhance extraction rate.

  • When Mixing Milk/Liquid
    Move the level to Close throughout the extraction process.
Two Color Options for Your Taste
  • Midnight Blue
  • Ferrari Red

Hurom PETIT 2 Components Information

  • Body
  • Hopper
  • Chamber
  • Fine Strainer
  • Screw
  • Pusher
  • Smoothie Strainer
  • Spinning wiper
  • Juice Cup
  • Pulp Cup
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Recipe Book
Drum Type Lever Cap Type
Drum Capacity 500ml
Size Width (W) 199 MM
Length (L) 171 MM
Height (H) 398 MM
Weight 4.6kg
Speed 43rpm
Motor A/C
Code Length 1.2m
Parts (Varies depending on regions) Body, Drum Set, Cleaning Brush, Juice Cup, Pulp Cup
Color Options Midnight Blue, Ferrari Red