Two technologies in a single body
Hurom M100
Hurom M100
Slim Life Hurom
Hurom H310A
Hurom H310a Lavender
From preparation to extraction!
Hurom H300E
Nothing to Prepare!
Auto Crushing
Auto Stop
Auto Reverse
Hurom H300E
New Strainer type, slow juicer
Hurom H320N
Nothing to Prepare!
Auto Crushing
Clear Juice
Hurom H320N
Put Big Ingredients Without Cutting!
Hurom Easy
재료는 통째로
Put Whole Ingredient
오토 커팅기술
많은 양도 한번에
Put Many Ingredients
At Once
흐르는 물에 세척
Wash in Running Water
Amazingly Convenient
Hurom DivaS
Hurom DivaS Vivid Red
Completely New Hurom
Hurom Diva
Hurom Diva Platinum
Convenient Assembly and Washing
Hurom Prime

Black Pearl

Hurom Prime Black Pearl
Compact Size for Small Space!
Hurom Petit2

미드나잇 블루

Hurom Petit2 Midnight Blue
Round Design
Hurom Petit

Ferrari Red

Hurom Petit Ferrari Red
Value that does not Change over time
Hurom Signature


Hurom Signature Silver
Refined and Upgraded Technology
Hurom Alpha

Black Gold

Hurom Alpha Black Gold