New Strainer type, Slow juicer
The healthier way to drink.
HUROM juice
A daily recommended amount of consumption that’s difficult to meet with just raw vegetables and fruits. A glass of HUROM juice is all you need. With HUROM juice, you can easily consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables that are difficult to consume raw. From the abundant nutrients in fruits and vegetables to those contained in their seeds and skin that are often simply thrown away, you can consume a variety of nutrients quickly and easily with a single glass of HUROM juice.
(WHO : 400g a day)
The freshness of the juice preserved with Slow Squeeze Technology (SST)
The “Slow Squeeze Technology (SST)” developed by HUROM is the key method that slowly squashes ingredients using a powerful force to extract only their extracts. It is a healthy and innovative technology that minimizes the loss of nutrients, which may occur invisibly during extraction, while maximizing the colors and flavors so that users may enjoy the taste and nutrients naturally found in the ingredients.
* Loss of nutrients, generation of heat, oxidation and other changes may vary depending on the type and/or condition of fruits and vegetables.
An inlet 136mm wide, for a Mega Hopper of enormous size
An inlet 3 times larger than the existing 45mm. Whole apples and oranges that don't need to be sliced! A large capacity 2L Mega Hopper you can fill with fruits and vegetables to extract at once. An additional inlet to add ingredients into at any time, even during extraction.
Smart, automatic cutting function that cuts and extracts automatically
Even ingredients that have not been prepped can be inserted all at once, for automatic cutting and extracting.This skip in the step of preparing the ingredients adds to the convenience. A healthy juice will be created for you automatically, once you fill up the Mega Hopper and operate it.
A fine, mesh screen strainer and Ultem screw ensure no drops are left unjuiced!
Ultem screw with spiral structure for powerful extraction. A solidly designed extraction strainer filters out the large chunks. Fresher juices are extracted thanks to the slow rotation speed of 43rpm, which reduces heat generation and oxidation. Enjoy the smoothness as you swallow as well as the deep flavor of the juice.
Rotating Brush for smooth extraction
The Rotating Brush slowly rotates at 17rpm to aid with extracting. It wipes the fine mesh screen and evenly mixes the juice so that even mixed juices are more smoothly extracted.
Boiled ingredients and mixed juices!
Even boiled ingredients can be combined with ingredients for juice to create a healthy mixed juice. From healthy nut milks, vegetarian and vegan juices, to yogurt bowls for dessert. Try making a healthy juice of your own.
Modern and diverse colors
Modern and calm colors and soft texture that goes well with anything, anywhere
Specifications of BPA FREE Components
Tritan, which is used for baby bottles. Stainless steel strainers that are less susceptible to germs. Strainers made from Ultem, which is non-toxic. And, the Ultem screw that can withstand strong pressure. HUROM has meticulously selected materials with consideration for your health.

Product specification

  • Model

    H320N Series

  • Size

    248 X 223 X 462mm

  • Weight


  • RPM


  • Power


  • Rated usage time


  • Voltage


  • Frequency