Hurom Signature

Hurom Signature, a unique technology
that cannot be imitated in a sensual and functional style.

UPGRADE the dignity of the
kitchen with a real metallic body.

Using EGI materials used in high-end home appliances,
it has excellent stain resistance and corrosion resistance,

so you can feel the gloss and luxury
that does not change over time.

Convenience through

The LED display uses different colors of light
and flashing light patterns to intuitively indicate
the juicer’s different operations,
such as Extract, On/Off, and Reverse.

Alpha Plus Chamber

Alpha Plus Chamber made easy to assemble
and clean.
The Alpha Plus Chamber enables convenient and stable juice with two
slots, and the internal structure of the chamber is improved for easy
assembly and cleaning.

Alpha Plus Chamber made easy to assemble.

By changing the structure of the lower part of the screw inside the chamber,
it is easy to assemble the screw in any direction.
A video of squeezing oranges with a squeezer.

Now, with Hurom signature, just juice the nutrients of
vegetables and fruits and eat them as an extract.

Red Juice / Beet apple Red juice for a light breakfast
The deep red color of beets is due to an ingredient called ‘betacyanin.'
It contains a large amount of iron, which is good for preventing anemia and
low in calories, making it a good juice especially for women.
Green Juice / that wakes up my body. Kiwi, which helps in the formation of collagen, is rich in
vitamin C, so it is a good fruit for skin beauty and diet.
Also, kiwi is rich in folic acid.
Purple juice / Blueberry Cucumber Grape Purple juice that is good for fatigue.
Violet vegetables and fruits such as blueberries are rich in
anthocyanins, which helps in fragrant oxidation, and
cucumbers and grapes are effective in quenching thirst and
recovering muscles.

Hurom slow juice Technology

Hurom juice, which keeps vegetables and fruits fresh and eternal, has a different taste.
Ultem screw with a
spiral structure that
juices every drop.
Ultra-fine strainer
with scientific design
Spinning wiper that
mixes evenly and
discharges perfectly.

Hurom Signature Components Information

Main body

Main body
It is a real metallic body that has excellent stain resistance and corrosion resistance, improving usability.

Dual Hopper

Dual Hopper
User convenience is enhanced with two slots that can be customized according to the material.


The second-generation double-edged screw presses tightly to increase the amount of juice.


ChamberMaterial: Tritan (BPA FREE)
The 500ml Alpha Plus drum has a new structural design that makes assembly and cleaning easier.

Spinning Wiper

Spinning Wiper
It gently rotates the inside of the mesh and drum to evenly mix the nutrition of vegetables and fruits.

Fine Strainer

Fine Strainer
It is a durable material and is mainly used for making clear juices because the pores are fine and dense.

Smoothie Strainer

Smoothie Strainer
Because the mesh hole is large, it is mainly used for making thick juices that can chew the flesh.

Ice cream Strainer

Ice cream Strainer
You can make natural ice cream using frozen fruit.


Helps the material to enter the material inlet well.(If you use a tool other than a push rod, the operation may stop, or it may be difficult to remove the drum set.)

Juice cup

Juice cupMaterial: PS
It can hold juicy juice and is hygienic with a lid.

Pulp cup

Pulp cupMaterial: PS
It can contain debris.

Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush
It helps to easily wash when washing the net.

Tofu frame set.

Tofu frame set.Material: PP
You can make homemade tofu.


Hygienic and easy storage after cleaning.


You can easily make citrus juices such as oranges and lemons.

Manual and recipe book

Recipe Book / User Manua
It consists of recipes that contain health, suggested by the Hurom Bio Food Research Institute.


The image on the monitor and the actual color may be slightly different.
Make sure to check the rated voltage and observe the rated use time.
color siver
material Body: ABS, EGI / Drum: Tritan screw: PEI (Ultem) / Fine mesh: Stainless steel/PEI (Ultem) / Ice cream mesh: BISEN / Hopper: ABS
Drum type Alpha Plus
Components Main body, dual hopper, drum, screw, rotary brush, fine net, smoothie net, ice cream net, juice cup, dreg cup, pressing stick, cleaning brush (large), tofu set, squeezer set, holder, recipe book, User's Guide
Drum capacity 500ml
speed Screw: 43rpm /
Rotary brush: 17rpm
size 236 x 173 x 407 mm
weight 5.5kg
motor A/C Motor
Voltage, frequency, power 220v, 60HZ, 150W
Code length 1.4M (4.5ft)
Rated use time 30 minutes or less (continuous use)