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What Makes Hurom Juice Special

Unlike other juicers, which grind fruits and vegetables, Hurom uses Slow Squeeze Technology that squeezes ingredients slowly at high pressure to preserve their natural flavors and keep their nutrients intact. Our goal is to help you enjoy the best that nature has to offer!

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Hurom juice: adapting to individual tastes

Imagine the healthiest, most delicious glass of juice—what use is it, however, if it doesn’t satisfy your body’s most basic nutritional needs? People drink juice for widely varying reasons and in many different ways. Some drink juice made from a variety of fruits and vegetables as a source of balanced nutritional support, while others drink what is referred to as “detox juice” to ward off or prevent disease. There are also those who drink juice as part of a diet program or simply enjoy it for its cool and refreshing taste. In fact, growing numbers of people are seeking out juices with ever more unique flavors.

Juice is best consumed in a blend and format that is right for you, depending on your goals and personal preferences. In this respect, Hurom-made juice has advantages that clearly set it apart from other fresh fruit juices, which are usually made by mixing fruit, water, and some kind of sweet syrup in a blender.

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The defining trait of Hurom juice is that, as it doesn’t require any water or other additives, an optimum ratio of fruits and vegetables can be achieved, creating a juice that not only tastes wonderful but is nutritionally balanced as well. However, some people worry that using only fresh raw ingredients and no sweet syrup will result in a juice that, although nutritious, has an unpleasant taste. Hurom-made juices put these fears to rest, as many of them incorporate sweet fruits, making them both healthy and delicious.

Another key factor of Hurom juice is the sheer diversity of format and ingredients. In addition to organic juices made from various fruits and vegetables, Hurom juice also includes carbonated fruit drinks, “meal substitute” juices that include beans or nuts to make them more filling, and detox juices. It can also be used to make desserts and various types of foods.

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Another reason that the healthy and delicious Hurom-made juices are so popular is that they help people lead healthier lifestyles. With Hurom, even otherwise unpleasant-tasting vegetables can easily become a regular part of your diet. If you’re new to juicing, you can start out with familiar ingredients and gradually increase the proportion of vegetables in your juice. Start eating and living healthier today with a Hurom juice made especially for you.