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What Makes Hurom Juice Special

Unlike other juicers, which grind fruits and vegetables, Hurom uses Slow Squeeze Technology that squeezes ingredients slowly at high pressure to preserve their natural flavors and keep their nutrients intact. Our goal is to help you enjoy the best that nature has to offer!

peels and seeds are rich in phytochemicals

Hurom Juice Brings You Closer to Nature

Everyone agrees that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for our health and that we should add more greens and fruits to our diet to live a long and healthy life. The World Health Organization recommends consuming more than 500 grams of fruits and vegetables every day. However, many people today have a hard time following this recommendation. The question such people ask themselves is: what is an easy and efficient way to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet?

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We all know that eating fruits and vegetables, peels and all, has great health benefits, because peels and seeds are rich in phytochemicals, which are antioxidants that keep our body healthy.

In particular, grape seeds and peels contain high levels of anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant, and kiwi peels are high in quercetin, which helps slow the aging process and rejuvenates the skin.

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However, no matter how beneficial fruits and vegetables are, eating them will always be an unpleasant experience if they don’t taste good. This is where Hurom juicers come in. They squeeze and extract every drop of nutrients from all seeds, peels, and fruits, allowing you to enjoy juice that is both healthy and delicious.

Some argue that simply eating raw fruits and vegetables is healthier than consuming them as juice. However, eating the recommended amounts of fresh fruits and raw vegetables is not only difficult but also inefficient in terms of nutrient intake.

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By juicing fruits and vegetables, you can consume larger amounts of nutrients much more easily. In addition, Hurom juicers filter out the insoluble fiber in ingredients to maximize nutrient absorption. Therefore, drinking Hurom juice is one of the best ways of maximizing nutrient consumption, especially for people with poor digestion.