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What Makes Hurom Juice Special

Unlike other juicers, which grind fruits and vegetables, Hurom uses Slow Squeeze Technology that squeezes ingredients slowly at high pressure to preserve their natural flavors and keep their nutrients intact. Our goal is to help you enjoy the best that nature has to offer!


Colors and Flavors of Nature

Can you tell which pomegranate juice was made with a Hurom juicer?


Pomegranates are known to provide many health benefits for women, as they are rich in female hormones. Looking like red gems, pomegranates have a sweet and sour flavor, and their seeds contain natural estrogens that can relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Pomegranate peels are also used for medicinal purposes, because some of the compounds they contain, such as tannin, are good for our health.


To preserve all these valuable nutrients in pomegranates, the Hurom juicer slowly presses the fruit, seeds, and peels altogether. If you don’t like the bitter flavor of tannin, however, you can remove the peels before juicing the fruit.

With Hurom, you can make juice that caters to your own preferences and nutritional needs.

with a Hurom juicer

Did you think pomegranate juice would be bright red? Actually, pomegranate juice made with a Hurom juicer has a dark pink color. This is because Hurom juice is a pure extract that contains all the nutrients from the fruits and seeds and no chemical additives.

pomegranate juice

What makes Hurom juice so special is that besides being healthy, it is delicious too. Hurom juice boasts a velvety texture, as all solid particles are filtered out in the juicing process, which also facilitates digestion and the absorption of nutrients in the body. The old saying, “Good medicine is bitter in the mouth,” doesn’t apply to Hurom juice. With Hurom juicers, you can drink healthy, delicious juice while enjoying all the health benefits of natural ingredients.