Hurom Brings You Closer to Nature

Sunshine, wind, and water…
The Hurom Juice Café is our sincere attempt at sharing the joys of fresh produce and bringing people closer to nature. At the Hurom Juice Café, we advocate the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables and help people discover how to transition from a life of consuming instant food products to a life involving slower, much healthier eating habits.

Hurom Is Creating a New Juice Culture

We are dedicated to helping people discover the benefits that Hurom can bring into their lives.
We want to improve people’s health by leading the growth of a new juice culture where our stylish slow juicers are incorporated into people’s daily routines. More importantly, the type of culture we seek to create is based on delicious, unprocessed juices made from real, natural ingredients with no added water, sugar, or artificial additives.

Hurom Juicers Are Popular Worldwide

Juice Cafés can now be found in the United States, Europe, China, and other countries throughout Asia, where we use local produce to provide people with unique and healthy juice-drinking experiences.
Visit a Hurom Juice Café and discover the wonderful and refreshing taste of fresh, healthy juices.