Exclusive and Unique
Special Edition Series
Exclusive and Unique
Special Edition Series

Hurom Slow Juicer
Special Edition Series

With a distinct, upscale design, the Special Edition Series is a unique line of slow juicers that will significantly improve your and your family’s quality of life.

Hurom & Giugiaro Design Partner
to Launch Supercar Inspired Juicers

Combining ultimate machinery design with slow juicing innovation,
Hurom and Giugiaro Design’s new slow juicers cultivate and enhance the healthy juicing culture.
Each slow juicer features a prominent and intuitive power button for simplified ease of use that recalls an automotive experience,
while the contrasting diagonal color scheme visually divides the control area from the section of the machine that extracts
nutrient-dense juice. Taking inspiration from luxury vehicles, the visually bold yet streamlined design of the models reinforce the
juicer’s durability, while the concave design on the side conveys the fullness of juice’s natural nutrients.

Giugiaro Design

Founded in 1981 by the legendary automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who has designed hundreds of famous supercars since 1955, Giugiaro Design has become synonymous with innovative futurism and high-tech, user-friendly design.
The humanist philosophy reflected in Hurom’s technology, together with Giugiaro Design’s ergonomic design approach, strives to push the boundaries of kitchen appliance design.

Giugiaro Design Edition H-AF Series

Giugiaro Design Edition H-AE Series

  • Intuitive Button
    Located at the back to ensure efficient and intuitive use, the large button of Hurom’s slow juicers makes it easy to maintain smooth control over the juicing process.
  • Sturdy Design
    The slow juicers boast a bold yet elegant form and a matte color, complementing the machines’ durability and reliable performance.
  • Comfortable Handle
    The slow juicers have a handle integrated into the back that users can grip for easy transportation.
  • Attractive Logo
    Our slow juicers feature a unique and luxurious design, with elements created by Giugiaro and the Hurom logo hot-stamped on the front.
  • Sturdy Design
    The slow juicers boast a bold yet elegant form and a matte color, complementing the machines’ durability and reliable performance.
  • Full-Bodied Design
    Hurom slow juicers have concave sides that exude a sense of fullness and abundance, representing the high nutritional value of the juices they produce.
Dual Hopper

Meet Hurom’s New Dual Hopper, Featuring Dual Ingredient Slots for a Great Juicing Experience

The dual hopper is a new feature that offers one regular and one wide slot, making the juicing experience much more convenient by allowing the user to easily insert ingredients of various shapes and sizes.
Dual Hopper

Assembly Made Easier with Parts that Attach in Any Direction

Safety Sensors  have been installed in the chamber on both sides of the hopper cover, making it possible for the user to install and operate the hopper in two different directions.
Alpha Plus Chamber   

Designed to Make the Entire Juicing Process More Convenient, including Assembly, Juicing, and Cleaning

Hurom’s new slow juicers are equipped with the Alpha Plus Chamber, which features a newly designed auger and chamber. This improvement allows users to easily and conveniently install the auger, no matter its orientation, when assembling the chamber unit.

Easy Cleaning

Not only does the Alpha Plus Chamber accumulate less residue during the juicing process, it allows for easier, more thorough cleaning due to its new structure, which allows the user to disassemble the machine with greater ease by disengaging the now detachable gear from the chamber.

How to disengage the gear when washing the juicer:
Gently push the gear upward from below to detach it from the juicer.