Drink nature,
Slow Squeezing Technology
Slow Squeezing Technology
  • Amazing Taste

    Created to bring you the most natural
    yet flavorful taste of fruits and
    vegetables in the form of extracted juice.

  • Slow

    Hurom’s original technology

    The patented Slow Squeezing
    Technology components work together
    to slowly extract nutrients from fruits
    and vegetables for less stress on
    ingredients and maximum, natural, flavor.

  • Strong

    Newly introduced
    high-pressure pulp outlet

    The double silicone packing added to
    the newly designed pulp outlet
    increases pressure on exiting pulp,
    helping to thoroughly squeeze juice from fibers.

  • Dual-strainer system
    for thorough extraction

    The combination of strainers creates
    long, narrow grooves, as small as 1mm,
    which work to separate pulp from juice.

  • Simple

    Easy, effortless cleaning

    The newest chamber structure allows for a complete
    160° opening of the bottom outlet, as well as no-mesh
    strainers that can be taken apart

  • Assemble in 5 sec

    Assembly is a cinch with the intuitive
    design and square motor shaft.

  • Safe

    The smooth finish
    allows for safe handling

  • Surprise

    Limitless recipes

    The variety of strainers help to
    control the pulp texture to suit
    your tastes, fine or pulpy, and to
    even make fresh fruit ice cream.

  • Juice Strainer

    The Juice Strainer filters juice and
    pulp to provide smooth and clear juice.

  • Smoothie Strainer

    The Smoothie Strainer creates slightly
    wider grooves for thicker juice with
    more pulp.

  • Ice Cream Strainer

    Use the Ice Cream Strainer to enjoy fresh
    and natural fruit ice cream or sorbets by
    extracting soft, frozen fruits such as
    strawberries and pitted mangoes.

  • Slim

    Only 21cm wide

    The Hurom H100S is not only visually
    appealing but occupies minimal kitchen
    space with it’s slim design.

  • Stylish

    Upgrade stylish Design